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Rise and Walk Foundation Inc. is a charitable non- profit organization headquartered in Bridgeport. CT, with a branch in Bogotá, Colombia. In October 2006 the Internal Revenue Service granted our organization 501(c)(3) status.

Our Mission

To help at risk children develop their potential while giving them the childhood they deserve today.

Our Values

• Rise and Walk Foundation is rooted in the Gospel Values especially love, compassion, service and solidarity.

• We promote an organizational culture that respects and embraces people of all races, gender, religion, culture, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities, age, parental status, and socio-economics levels.

Administrative Team USA
  • Hernan Bohorquez (Founder)
  • Marta Bernal (President)
  • Michael Calomino (Vice President)
  • Edgar Bernal(Treasurer)
  • Ellen Nardelli (Secretary)
  • Tatiana Anduckia
  • Manuela Contreras
  • Francisco Middleton
Volunteers USA
  • Andrea Bernal
  • Lucia Canas
  • Araseliz Fernandez
  • Carol Galemba
  • Rosa Middleton
  • Sophia Morales
  • Rosa Ribadeneira
  • Rita Rodríguez
  • Yelena Rodríguez
  • Yulisa Rodríguez
  • Michele Serino
  • Alba Deisy Tamayo
Active Members
  • Phil Adzima
  • Phyllis Adzima
  • Juliana Anduckia
  • Edgar Bernal
  • Johan López
  • Daniel Renzulli
  • Maria Renzulli
  • Leo Flor Rodríguez
  • Martin Rodriquez
  • Jessenia Rojas
Administrative Team

Legal Representative

Administrative Director


Administrative Assistance

Social Communicator

  • María Angélica Henao
  • Andrea del Pilar García Sánchez
  • Alexandra Ramírez
  • Luz Dary López
  • Yasser Puentes
Human Development

Programs Coordinator


Teacher of Academic Support

Art Class

Music Class

Dance Teacher

Theater Teacher

Crafts Teacher

  • Johanna Mojica
  • Ivonne Muñoz
  • Yasser Puentes
  • Fabio Males Martínez
  • Daniel Ubaque
  • Wilson Navas
  • María Fernanda cuervo
  • María Camila Barrera
Volunteer in Colombia
  • Amparo Bohorquez
  • Andrea Naranjo
  • Gustavo Andrés Muñoz
  • Andrea Naranjo Riveros
  • Natalia Gómez Suarez
  • Ángela Vásquez
  • Carolina Arias Rubio
  • Diego Andrés Cleves
  • María Camila Ortíz
  • Julián Ariza Vázquez
  • Fabian Martínez Arguello
  • Ana Luisa Porras
  • Andrea Jara Bethes
  • Delma Bernal
  • Jaime Bohorquez Arango
  • Jose Cabra
  • Luz Mary Ariza
  • Maria Angelica Henao Mora
  • Oscar Cerquera

Our History

In 1998, while Hernan Bohorquez was leading a youth group called Talitha Kum in Barrio Minuto de Dios in Bogota, a very needy family came to the group meeting. Luz Dary Lopez, one of the leaders took the initiative to help this family living in absolute poverty in a makeshift house made of metal and cardboard. The group felt that the best way to put into practice the Gospel was by helping this family in a substantial way. Through the efforts of the group, it was possible to build the foundation of a prefabricated house, build the frames and finishes and buy furniture that the family needed. This was the first great achievement of what would become Rise and Walk Foundation.

In 2000, Hernan Bohorquez moved to the United States where he continued to support the work of the youth group, Talitha Kum. Through joint efforts, in 2006, the project became a charitable nonprofit organization in the United States with a branch in Bogotá, under the name Rise and Walk Foundation Inc. / Fundación Levante y Anda. Thus, since 1998, hundreds of people have benefited from the generosity and the work of our benefactors and volunteers.

Our Name

Our name was inspired by the Gospel of Mark 2:1-12. Four people brought a paralyzed man and since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus and lowered the mat the man was lying on. Jesus healed him by saying “Rise, take your mat and Walk”. It is our mission to help others to rise above their difficulties and limitations and walk on their own.


The Foundation provides a space where children and adolescents can develop their potential, learn values, ​​and determine their life goals.

Children set aside daily routines and difficulties in order to learn and follow their dreams. We help them succeed by offering programs of education, arts, and sports. Currently we serve more than 70 children, adolescents and their families in the San Fernando neighborhood in Barrios Unidos sector of Bogota, Colombia.


Educational Program

In this program, academics, arts and sports come together to provide the support that nurtures the hearts and souls of the children and adolescents of the Foundation. It helps them develop their skills and build a better future.

Social Work and Counseling

Through this program we provide the love and support that children, adolescents and their families need to overcome various difficulties.


Community Outreach

This program gives the opportunity for children, adolescents, and their families to have an experience of spiritual growth that allows them to improve their well-being and help them cope with challenges, and seek ways to help and show solidarity with others.

Culture and Entertainment

The goal of this program is to have fun and learn, through different activities. Children and adolescents interact and live unforgettable moments.

Sustainability Program

This program aims to generate resources for the Foundation to be self-sufficient and continue supporting the dreams of children and adolescents. It also provides opportunities for economic growth for families that are part of the Foundation


Our projects aim to improve the quality of life of our children, adolescents and their families
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This project seeks to secure the resources needed to buy or build our own headquarters where programs and projects can be developed with children and teens.
  • Donations

  • Advice

  • Volunteering

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This project is the renovation or remodeling of the houses of beneficiaries through the work and donations of volunteers. It seeks to give hope to vulnerable families to dream, change and move forward.
  • Volunteering

  • Resources in Kind

  • Economic Resources

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This project aims to give children and adolescents a balanced and nutritious snack that contributes to their growth.
  • Donations of Food

  • Financial Resources for Buying Snacks

  • Advice or Nutrition Workshops for Our Beneficiaries


We invite you to help make an impact on this great social work initiative.

If you think you want to help? Read on, and join us to become part of this wonderful project now!

It is one of the ways you can collaborate with us to help our children and their families have opportunities to dream, grow, and develop.
  • Sponsor a Child

    Sponsorhip can help one of our children and/or teens have the opportunity to develop their potential, values ​​and enjoy their young lives to the fullest. More...
  • Sponsor a Family

    You help one of our families have the tools that allow them to improve their quality of life. More...
It is generosity at its best, it is giving without expecting anything in return, it is helping those who want make changes. We invite you to be part of the work of the Foundation. How? Read on ... or contact us
  • Share Time and Talent

    It is an excellent way to put smiles on faces, receive hugs, and make a difference in the hearts of our children and their families. More...
  • Help Us Grow!

    You would be making an excellent decision if you contribute to the growth and innovation of our social work More...
Making a contribution provides an opportunity to help improve education and provide a space where children and adolescents can have the childhood they deserve. Money or in-kind donations will be used for the implementation of our programs and projects.
  • In Colombia:

    Make a financial contribution. You can make your contributions through bank deposits or electronic transfers to checking account No. 689 533 930 -77 at Bancolombia Bank, Account name : Rise and Walk Foundation, Inc.
  • In the United States:

    Send check payable to Rise and Walk Foundation to 971 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605. Or contact us for payment by credit card.
  • Do you receive in-kind donations?

    Of course! You can support us by donating items such as: Clothing / Food / School Supplies / Teaching materials / furniture.
    You can send your donations or we can also pick them up.
  • Are there any benefits for me? Yes!

    Your donation will contribute to making a child’s dreams a reality
    You help to transform society
    You receive a certificate of donation at the end of the year, which you can use to deduct donations from your taxes

10 +

years helping the Community

70 +

beneficiary children

46 +

Families beneficiary

1000 +

Thousands of Smiles

More information.

What is the Mission Trip?

  • Each year a group of volunteers from the United States, travel to Bogota to visit the children and their families, and participate with them in different recreational, cultural and sporting activities.
    In the past two years we had students from Sacred Heart University traveling with us and they did makeover projects for families in Bogota.

Annual Report

Learn more about us through our annual report. You can find more information about the work of Rise and Walk Foundation.

Psalm 41: 1-2 


Learn more about us through our annual report. You can find more information about the work of Rise and Walk Foundation

Nutrition for Happy Children

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers like Katia Greco and our team at Rise and Walk Foundation, we are happy to announce that we have received a grant from Bayer Foundation...

This grant will support our initiative to provide healthy snacks to all children of the Foundation and assure they are provided with the necessary nutrition for growth and development.

Mission Trip 2018…Thank you Sacred Heart University!

This year, 15 students from Sacred Heart University along with volunteers and employees of the Foundation spent a week in Colombia with our kids and their families...

Throughout the week, they sat-in on the various classes offered to the children and accompanied them on recreation field trips. Notably, the group spent three days working on a Makeover Project where they transformed the home of Sara (age 11), a member of the Foundation who lives with her mother and grandmother. We thank SHU for all their great work!

Thank you all!

2018 was a great year for the foundation and our children. From running successful programs, to opening our own garden and providing daily refreshments for our children thanks to the Bayer Foundation, we have a lot to be thankful for. Each year we celebrate our staff, volunteers and benefactors with a holiday party.

Thanks to the support of volunteers in the United States and Colombia, each child received a beautiful gift and families enjoyed dance and music presentations prepared by the children.

Mission 2017


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